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Hollywoodie will enable movie producers to crowdfund their movies by utilizing NFT licenses. Such NFTs will feature 3 main utilities:

1. Funding. Movie producers will have a legal and compliant way to finance their movie production with crypto stablecoins in exchange for a movie license ownership set up via NFT technology.

2. Rewards claim. License holders will be able to claim their rewards by leasing their NFT license to a corresponding movie production company.

3. Minting fan NFT tokens. License holders will also be able to mint new asset - fan NFT token - an entry ticket to a closed group for that specific movie.


License & rewards

The production company will use fundraised assets to produce a movie (which usually takes up to a year). In exchange, you will receive a piece of movie license set up via NFT technology. 

Once the movie is ready for distribution, the production company will start leasing the movie’s license (on Hollywoodie platform). After the leasing period is over (again, it usually lasts for about a year), the production company may offer license buyback.  


In short - a fan NFT token acts as a ticket to access a closed group of a specific movie.

Such fan NFT can be sold, given away, or used by license holders themselves with no risk to their NFT license.

In those groups, hosted by Hollywoodie, fans will be able to engage in movie production (to a certain extent), interact with the cast and producers, receive special deals, airdrops, etc. 

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