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Hollywoody features its own HLW token that has a classic launchpads utility - a tiered account upgrade system, that ensures higher ticket size and winning chances for those that hold and stake the token for the benefit of the overall Hollywoodie ecosystem. To acquire a tier upgrade one simply has to stake an indicated amount of their HLW token.

Screenshot 2022-08-25 at 09.50.14.png

Hollywoodie power is a multiplier system, that allows HLW token owners to stake it 1:1 ratio in HLW or a 1:1.5 ratio if they choose to support the project with their liquidity on HLW:$USD pool. Example: Tier 1 requires 1500 HLW tokens to be staked in HLW (1:1 ratio) or 1000 HLW worth of HLW-$USD LP tokens (1:1.5 ratio).

Additionally, to this upgrading your account to a certain level will also enable leveled benefits on Holly Marketplace: list tier-related listings on the marketplace.

Example: Tier 1 gives you 1 listing, Tier 2 - 2, etc.

In case you have no account upgrade at all (Tier 0) or need an additional listing you will be provided with two choices - upgrade account level or buy an additional listing for HLW tokens. Also, AHLW tokens will exclusively be used for listing promotions (similar to classified ads platforms).

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