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Crowdfund Hollywood movies with exclusive NFT licensing.


Hollywood has never been friendly to small investors. But it is over now. Become a movie industry investor, insider, and game changer with Hollywoodie.


We open the doors for you to get involved. Vote on the cast or become one, participate behind the scenes, see the secret specials, engage with the cast or incorporate your product into the movie.


Every movie is a business case with its ROI. Own an actually functioning NFT licence for a movie and earn by leasing it out. A true revolution of the Hollywood industry standards.

ROI driven movies

A team of experienced Hollywood insiders will analyze and pick scripts for fundraising only if those movies have a high financial return potential.


NFT licence & lease

When you purchase a movie-specific NFT, you get a MiFID2-compliant and legally functional license for a predefined fraction of the movie.

Once the movie gets released and distributed, the movie producer will activate the NFT license lease service on Hollywoodie. That’s when ROI would kick in.

Signing a Contract


Every NFT license holder will get to mint a specific amount of Fan NFTs providing an exclusive access to the fan platform of a particular movie on Hollywoodie.

Any movie lover will appreciate the opportunities featured by the fan platforms: deciding on certain movie-related things, getting into special AMA sessions with the cast, or even applying for a position within the cast or as an extra. And that is only a small part of all the fun stuff planned for the NFT owners!

Full Concert

One STOP Shop

Anyone related to the movie industry can approach Hollywoodie for a partnership: script writer, actor/actress, producer, distributor, costume designer, etc. Anyone.

Hollywoodie will deliver the full scope of services/partnerships: compliant fundraising, production, distribution, fan base/platform, blockchain support (NFTs, tokens, etc), Holly Marketplace (product placement, casting, memorabilia/props shop). 

Rocket Launch

Holly Marketplace

In-movie product placement deals, casting, movie memorabilia & props shop, and, of course, NFTs.

Dealer Counting Money
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